Western Mediation

Anna –

Victim Location 55057

Type of a scam Debt Collections

I am not certain if this meets the criteria, but I spoke with a representative who said I took out a payday loan in 12/2012 (She initially said 2011) and she had my social security number (last 4) and address that I lived at in 2007 along with an old bank account number. She stated that I could go to court or accept and pay for a payday loan that I had defaulted on. She explained that my bank account has been closed. Which, it has, but only for the past two years. I’m concerned because there was a short period of time in 2007 or 2008 where I did take some of these loans out, but have never since because I know what they are now (then in my twenties and now with a normal career in my thirties). I never took a loan out in 2012. I told the woman that and she informed me that a sheriff would come by my home and serve me with a summons. I gave her my address because I am going to dispute this. I believe my information was stored in a computer and now they are calling attempting to collect more since all my information was in the database. The rep stated her name was Yolanda Troutman.

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