Western Union Money Flip

Mandy –

Victim Location 78542

Total money lost $430

Type of a scam Charity

This person contacted me and said that if I sent money to an orphanage in Jamaica that they could help me make money through western union by something called flipping my money. That it was totally legit backed by the BBB, FDIC, IRS, FBI, etc it shows in her IG ACCOUNT under kalisa_mendez1234 she shows videos and pics of people who have been able to make money from money that is not picked up and left in western union accounts, that this money is used to flip yours . I was stupid and naive and sent money to that orphanage two times and then she told me I had to pay a fee of 85 to pick up the money through money gram and then she kept calling and saying they had technical difficulties with the system because of a storm in Jamaica and she was going to have to send the money through Western Union which is what she had said in the first place so I was ok with that but then she called me and out a “CEO” on the line saying that I would have to pay another $250 to have my Reference # released to pick up 2500 which right there I knew this was a scam because I had never heard of making that much money for nothing but it really wasn’t going to be for nothing because I had already sent the orphanage 200 the first time 150 the second time and 85 the last time . So if I had sent 250 more I would’ve sent a total of 680 hello. There is no such orphanage and you are not helping children you are being scammed by losers in California that are trying to make you think there is a need when there isn’t and that you are going to make money by helping by this so called flipping of your cash. So please don’t be dumb like I was. She had said they had a money back guarantee but when I told her to reimburse me she said no because I was naive and didn’t go pay her the 250 extra she wanted. I have all the receipts and the messages screen shot and the calls on my caller ID. She continues to message me on Instagram saying she’ll pay 150 of the 250 but I still have to pay 100 so they can now supposedly send me $4250. I don’t know how she thinks I’m going to believe that or go pick up such an absurd amount of money for nothing. I haven’t blocked her because I want to report her and the numbers she is using. People don’t believe you can make money by pyramids, flipping etc. The only ones that make money are the ones who take it from you! Ugh I was so stupid and that is that I SPECIFICALLY TOLD HER MY SON WAS SPECIAL NEEDS AND IF THIS WASNT LEGIT FOR HER TO JUST STOP CALLING BECAUSE MONEY WAS TIGHT. They don’t care if you’re terminally ill, special needs, living on a prayer THEY ARE SCAMMERS waiting for someone dumb and naive like me.

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