Western Way Paving

Lindsay –

Total money lost $12,500

Type of a scam Home Improvement

A white truck pulled up with 5 or 6 guys stated that they had extra asphalt from a previous job wanting to know if I would like to cover my broken concrete driveway. I thought it was a good idea so I asked how much they stated $22,500 I told him no way. They brought the cost down to $12,500, I went to the bank and transferred money to my chequeing account while they were doing the work. Which didn’t take very long. I wrote the cheque and gave it to the foreman, it was cashed the same day. They left shortly after, I inspected the driveway and it was awful. Ridges and holes. I called the phone number given to me it didn’t work. Now I am left with a mess.

Cindy –

Total money lost $16,400

Type of a scam Home Improvement

At the end of April 2016, a gentleman by the name of "John White" with Western Way Paving was travelling through rural areas in southwestern Saskatchewan. John White indicated to private property owners in these rural areas that his company had a "little bit of paving material" in the back of their truck. The question he posed to the property owner was "would you like your laneway paved? The cost would be about $800 to $1000."The property owner was not available to supervise the work while it was being done, but Mr. White indicated that would not be a problem, and that he would return on Monday with the invoice. The work was completed, however far more that expected for "just a little bit of material left in the truck."

On Monday, the gentleman returned to the property owner and presented them with an invoice for $18,000. No formal contract was provided or signed between Western Way Paving and then cashed within less than half an hour of Mr. White leaving the property.

A GST calculation was completed by the property owner on the invoice, and in other instances exactly like this, when property owners attempt to call the "company", all they receive is a "click" at the end of the other line.

Western Way Paving does not have a fixed address or any legitimate address listed, nor a phone number connected with an address or business (likely a pay as you go cell phone number). Their website was created in March 2016 and is only intended to be created for maximum one year.

These scammers have been travelling throughout southwestern Saskatchewan, and possibly Alberta too as their website lists an Alberta cell phone number.

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