Natalie –

Victim Location 37650

Total money lost $1,000

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

I was contacted byTammy Elmore who informed me i had qualified for a 6000$ loan through there company.A contract was sent to me through docusign which i looked over and sighned.After that she told me theloan would go through after proccessing .After waiting most of the day it never showed in my account.So i called back and she said she would check and call me back.So she called back and and said ihad to pay them taxes on the loan so that the private lender would not be liable.Ok big dummy me sent them the money.Still no deposit.Called back and they said ihad to pay the loan insurance upfront i said no way was put on hold an told they would waive the fee and consider me as an active customer instead of a high risk which nuilfied the need for th high risk new customer insuance.I tried to call 15 times this morning and they have blocked my calls from going through.Im out 1000$total and am sure ill never see it again.A very hard lesson learned.Beware.

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