Westroad Continent

Patrick –

Victim Location 98023

Total money lost $25

Type of a scam Employment

The name of the company is Westroad Continent, LLC. I was initially contacted by a Monica Moore, who is supposedly the HR Manager for the firm. She said she had a found me on a job board and wanted to hire me on as a Logistics Agent. My job was to receive packages that were purchased by individuals from various retailers (Nordstroms, Eddie Bauer, etc), check and verify the contents, and then ship them to somebody else. I was to take pictures of the items and then upload them to a control panel that they had setup for me. The shipping label was pre-paid, and I was to upload a photo of the receipt as well after I shipped them. However, whenever I tried to contact Monica, via email or phone, I never received a reply. Also, her emails did often contain a grammatical error or two and in general, the diction and syntax was always a little odd. The last thing she wanted me to do was open up a corporate account with the company that I was told would be where I would receive my funds. But, I did not make the bank account, because after meeting with a banker, things weren’t adding up.

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