Sarah –

Victim Location 29072

Type of a scam Employment

Received text for secret shopper opportunity, returned a yes to the text. ®received notice that I was accepted and that I would receive via USPS instructions. Today received a a priority mail 3-day envelope with a cashiers check for $2180.10 with instructions of how to cash it and place it my account. I am to keep $200 and spend the balance at a Walmart store that they would tell me which one after I call them to say I’ve received the check. After the deposit I was to call them and inform them that it was deposited and then after two days I was to again call and tell them it was in my account.

The bank that the check was from does not exist (First Tech, Beaverton, DR 97075-2100). It states that the "original document has a true watermark" this check has no watermark.

I have not and will not cash the check nor will I call the 707 number.

The original message had another telephone number 833-228-0837.

Daniel –

Victim Location 49017

Type of a scam Other

Contacted on the internet with a job post. Sent check for $2180.10 $ 200 for salary and remainder for purchase or whatever at Wal-Mart.Told to deposit check in my bank account, then contact them leaving message CHECK LODGED. When funds appear in my account call and leave message FUNDS READY FOR TASK. When at the Wal-Mart the assignment will be forwarded as to what will be done. After completing you can deduct the $200. According to the internet Wal-Mart does not do business with secret shoppers.

Adrienne –

Victim Location 83651

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

I received a letter and a check. The letter stated that 200 was mine and the rest was to be used to buy debit cards, credit cards, bill payment, money transfers or other financial services. the check was for 1986.11. they wanted me to spend the money in a local walmart as a customer service evaluator. the steps say to sent them a text message within 24 hrs of receipt of the package. it continued to say that I needed to deposit the check into my checking account.

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