Whitelocke and Associates

Frank –

Victim Location 33626

Total money lost $1,223.44

Type of a scam Debt Collections

I received a call from the company Whitelocke and Associates notifying me of a debt with an Wachovia/Wells Fargo acct from 2010 for the amount of $1,223.44. The representative over the phone told me that her supervisor was in the process of taking legal actions against me and that if I did not pay or set up a payment plan I would be summoned to court and they would immediately place a lean on any property I owned. This type of phone call would be terrifying to anyone, so in that moment I tried to ask what my options were and how I could resolve this issue. The person on the phone told me that I would be getting a contract via DocuSign and that I needed to provide my debit card or credit card information so that they are able to take out monthly installments of $120 until the debt is settled in its totality. The first payment was made on September 2017 and starting October 15th, 2017 they began to take out $120 monthly, until the $1,223.44 was resolved. A few weeks ago, I recieved another call from yet another debt collector trying to collect on the exact same account but for $77.86. I explained that this was already resolved and was treated VERY poorly by the person on the phone. At that point I started to get concerned about the drastic change in amounts and decided to reach out to WF directly only to find out that the original debt was $77.86 and was resolved years ago! Long story short, Whitelocke and Associates has been collecting on a old resolved account and terrified me to the point where I was not able to even thing straight but just resolve what I thought was a big issue. The sent me a link back in September to verify their certification with the State of California and at that time, it seems legitimate, but now going back to the same link, it shows that their certifications and right to practice law have been cancelled in the State of California.This company will call and terrify you so that you pay off something that might not even be real, do not fall for it as I did, research EVERYTHING before giving these people the time of day.

Mandy –

Victim Location 44231

Type of a scam Debt Collections

Claiming that debt is owed from 2003. I asked the company for proof of debt owed. Company is unable to come up with information. The amount owed changes each day from $8,000.00 to $16,000.00. I get phone calls from them daily, they call my family too. They are not identifying themselves as debt collectors. When I ask again for proof of debt, I get told it get processed to another department. The company threatens to serve me, and take everything I have. I am only get contacted through the phone.

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