Whitley, Rosen and Associates

Adrian –

Victim Location 36022

Type of a scam Debt Collections

My wife received a call about a "time-sensitive and important legal matter". I called the number (a LaFayette, AL. number; they said their office is in Montgomery, AL. That’s red flag number one.) to see what this was in reference to. They refused to fax me any information until I disclosed the identity of my legal counsel and informed me that my wife would be served. They told me that a few years ago my wife had taken out a payday loan of around $600 and had it deposited to a bank I’ve never heard of. We sold and bought a house last year, so even if this was identity theft something like this would have shown up on the credit report. I can find no record of a Whitley, Rosen, and Associates in Montgomery, AL. ( or even online). They address they say they have on file is my parents’ address (they too have received multiple calls and voice mails attempting to reach my wife). Because I can find no record of this supposed law firm, I’m quite certain this is a scam.

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