WholeMed Research

Kyle –

Victim Location 08053

Total money lost $299.96

Type of a scam Online Purchase

WholeMed Research offered a 1-day special promotion, offering to ship a trial sample of their CBD products – in the oil and capsule forms – to anyone requesting it that day, with the only cost to the customer being the shipping and handling – both nominal costs, uunder $7.00 for each of the 2 products, which were to be shipped separately. What happened was that I was invoiced for the full amount for each product ($69.99 and $79.99, plus 2 separate small bills for the shipment of the "trial samples." When I went to my bank to seek help, they immediately canceled my debit card and issued a new one to prevent any further unwanted payments to WholeMed Research, and helped me file an official letter of dispute against WholeMed Research, advising them of the fraudulent nature of these billings to my debit card. INSTEAD, A MONTH LATER I RECEIVED A SECOND SHIPMENT OF BOTH UNWANTED PRODUCTS, BECAUSE THE COMPANY HAD USED A SOPHISTICATED MEANS OF FINDING OUT MY NEW DEBIT CARD!!!!! When I called the number for the Help Desk at WholeMed Research, the representative immediately canceled my account and assured me that no future billings would occur, but refused to refund me for the products sent to me. To recap:

1) By charging me for the products in their first shipments, WholeMed Research had failed to send me these 2 products free of charge

2) By sending me the second shipments a month later after my official bank letter ordered them to stop, the company had efused to comply with my demand to stop sending me their product AND had engaged in high-tech espionage-styled hacking into my bank account, where they discovered and billed my new replacement debit card.


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