Wichita Insured Deliveries

Caleb –

Victim Location 32952

Type of a scam Online Purchase

This Scam Failed.

Vehicle for sale on local web community neighborhood bulletin board. Person(s) offered truck for sale. VERY LOW PRICE. Said posting on BB for Aunt. Aunt in Military. Long story short: Aunt made contact with us. Stated just got transferred to Alaska and was to be deployed overseas in the next two weeks. Company name "Wichita Insured Deliveries" had the truck and would handle deliveries and all moneys would be put in escrow.

We started out research. Went to the web page, www.wichita-insured-deliveries.com Called the number on the web page (Person with strong India accent answered), got business address. "Google Maps" had different business at that location. Call that number (Packaging Company), they moved from that address three years ago.

Called Chamber of Commerce in Wichita. They were aware of the FAKE delivery business.

This scam provided pictures of truck which included interior photo’s. We are waiting now to see if they send us the VIN#.

I have a military contact at the Alaska base that I would have used for confirmation had this gone any further.

We have alerted our neighborhood BB.

I did not loose any money.

Web page needs to be shut down.

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