Wichita Roofing

Gerald –

Victim Location 76308

Type of a scam Home Improvement

A nice Spanish Young Man. clean cut in a nice white pickup came to door and asked for my husband by name. I told him no and told him my husband was at the office. He knew my husband’s name and his business address. 

He stated he did my roof and warranty was about to expire. I told him I thought it was an old man and he said yeah, that was my uncle and he contracted us to do it.

I told him my roof was not finished and caused a lot of trouble. I fussed at him and slammed the door on him.

He called me back the next day (I did not give him my ph#) He said well how much I paid for the roof and that he spoke to his uncle and they wanted to pay me for the damage that was done. He asked me for the invoice of what I paid. He said David Scott and he was with Wichita. I said Wichita Roofing? He said, yes.

I called Armored Roofing who actually did my roof to see if they had sent anybody out. They said no it wasn’t them.

This morning he said his name was Danny. Asking for the invoice that I was supposed to get for him. I told him I did not have it and he wanted to come right now.

The number he gave me to 940-663-9258

He was trying to scam me somehow and said he would add 5 years to my warranty.

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