William Electricals

Aaron –

Victim Location 68788

Type of a scam Romance

I joined OurTime.com and then CatholicPeopleMeet.com a few weeks ago. I corresponded with a male on the CatholicPeopleMeet.com website who said he was from Portugal but living in Nebraska. He is supposedly a full US citizen, is an electrical engineer, is his own contractor with his own business. After a week and a half, he was preparing paperwork for contracts. He was chosen for a contract in Germany but rejected that one. Then he was chosen for an electrical contract in Istanbul, Turkey for 1.8M. His take would be around 655,000 and he needed to pay the government around 15,486 before he would get the contract. He needed 4,250 from me as he didn’t have enough to cover. He gave my information as next of kin. I asked him why he didn’t have a bank banking him since he was an engineer and had his own business. He said that was a good question and then gave me an excuse as to why he couldn’t get more money from his bank. I reluctantly agreed to pay by MoneyGram. As I requested the MoneyGram, I was stopped by a customer service representative who asked me questions and told me that it was a scam and not to answer the messages and texts. I received messages and phone calls every day until I blocked the phone numbers. Now the Turkish Ministry of Works Department has emailed me the Contract Award Certificate regarding the contract and I am receiving phone calls with different numbers from Turkey and California.

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