William O Moore United Nations Foundation

Sheena –

Victim Location 40509

Type of a scam Government Grant

I first received a message from a person I knew from my hometown and she claimed to have been given a grant from The Federal Department of Health and Human Services Grant Program financial aid. The website is https://fdhhsgrant.us. The person she said to contact is William O’ Moore and to friend him on Facebook and he will check to see if I am on the list to receive a "free" grant. I messaged him on Facebook and gave him some of my info such as my name, address, and driver’s license info but thank goodness my SSN is not on my license. Anyway he said I was in the database but to proceed he needed to send me a list of available dollar amounts they have to offer. For example if I needed $70,000 I would need to send $1000 for shipping and clearance fees and I would receive the money via UPS within 24 hours after cleared fee. The address given to me to send a Money Gram or Western Union is Dammian Davis, Atlanta Georgia 30301 but did not include a street address which is very odd of course. I have the whole conversation saved to my Messenger account on my phone.

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