William Smith

Adam –

Victim Location 30434

Type of a scam Employment

I received an email for a job opportunity to become a mystery shopper. The target of the shopping would be Wal-Mart Stores. I was told that I would receive instructions, assessment forms, and a check for $3935.00. I received an brown envelope sent priority mail with a tracking number. Enclosed was the check for $3945.00. The return address was from Roys Robbins, 202 N Lyle St, Hawthorne, WI 54842. The address on the check was Del-One Federal Credit Union, 901 N Market St, SUITE 100, Wilmington, DE 19801. I received a text from William Smith to deposit the check immediately in my bank account afterwards text with confirmation to instructions. I did not proceed any further.

Summer –

Victim Location 83687

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

I received a email from a WILLIAM SMITH for cash advance . stating I owed $820 for a loan I took out on line. that I would have to pay the 820 or they would put a lawsuit on me and id go to jail. I never received any real mail from them plus they only referred to me as dear debtor … and after I thought about it I never took out a payday loan from cash advance online. So I emailed them back and told them I would be investigating it before I would send money. so they sent me a "copy" of a warrant for my arrest but it didn’t have my name on it. I am assuming this is a scam and I almost fell for it. William Smith. Also they said I was to do this via moneygram which I also thought was real weird because they wouldn’t take credit card payment. They sent money gram instructions with a totally different name on it. the whole situation is way to weird to be true


no city, and no real business name.

Money Gram Details

First Name: Nicholas

Last Name: Deane

City: Tucker

State: GA

Country: USA

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