Williams Johnny

Adrienne –

Victim Location 45237

Type of a scam Government Grant

.I was on my Facebook and. The coach at the high school sent me a message to say hello. We text back and forward then he asked if I got my money yet. I said what money. He sent me an email to contact [email protected] I sent a message to see what it was about. This is a copy of the contents of the email .

My name is Williams Johnny, We have been waiting here online to talk to you I work for Federal Agency in charge of Grant/Financial and department of Workers We Are United Power To Success and Focus For Deaf People, Hearing, Poor ,Widow and Retire Workers in the Community, Supported By The United State Of America Government.1600

Pennsylvania Avenue,NW,Washington United State

? No Pay Back

? No Effect On Social Security, Retirement, Pension and Disability

? No Increment in Tax Included

? No credit checks required

? No need for co-signers

? You may be eligible even with bad credit or bankruptcy

? You never have to pay back government grants Department of Health & Human Service (DHHS) program for helping people ,We remember your Screen name on our list here and your money is available for you to claim, Let us know if you ready to claim the money and we Explain to you how we got your Screen name,listen and read carefully.

I open up a page that said to fill out a paper and if I send him $3000 they would send me $100,000.

It had different levels of money if I send all the way up to get $2,000,000.

This has to be a scam. The coach swears he sent $1500 and got money delivered to doorstep.

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