Wilson Hudson (in email) Wilson Egan (in written correspondence by regular mail).

Jack –

Victim Location 78728

Type of a scam Employment

Was looking at online employment sites and responded to many survey sites (withdrew from all of them). This one involved someone using the email name of "Wilson Hudson", who stated that they had sent me a check for almost $3K to my mailing address, and that I was complete "their assignment" for which I would be paid $300. The assignment was to deposit an apparent bank check from Arvest Bank in Arkansas. (The check was NOT a company check, and the remitter’s name was ANNA BOSLEY [different from both the names used in email [Wilson Hudson] and regular mailed correspondence {ie Wilson Egan}]). The signature on the check was scripted in cursive in the name of Clive Cooper, not the same as the listed name of he remitter.

I was instructed to send the remaining balance of $2450 to a woman supposedly named Cami Etherton, 60 Evreux Street, Larnaca, Cyprus, 60992. I could not find that postal code in Lanarca (https://postal-codes.cybo.com/cyprus/larnaca/). My "assignment" was to use a Money Gram Store at a local Walmart or CVS (later was restated as Walmart only) and to note 1) "did I undergo any challenges locating the Money gram stores?" 2) How was the Outlook of the Wal-MArt Stores and also the Money gram Store? 3) How was the Customer service professionalism at the sotres? 4) How fast and Efficient was the Money gram Service in having the funds sent 5(How close was the Money Gram Location to your area? 6) Was the Money gram Form too short or Long? 7) Information that you think would be helpful 8) General comment." Those instructions are presented herein verbatim as they appeared in the letter. I was further instructed to include in my report "1) Name and Address of Sender 2) Money Gram Reference number (8DIGIT) for Cami Etherton 3) Exact Amounts Sent." Again, this is presented verbatim.

The money was to be sent in EUROs

Then their was the "IMPORTANCE NOTICE" (sic):

"Please note that some stores do not like been surveyed, you have to be very discreet so as not to arouse suspicion. Take note of the advice, questions and orientation you will be giving and ordeal you went through to make the transaction successful while completing the assignment, We have specifically trained these workers to give orientations to customers and show them awareness. Take note of the things and email me reports on them. If you are sending using the Machine at any store also take note of the awareness, advice and orientations giving."

Lastly, the phone number I was supposed to text notifying that the money had been sent was a New York City area code (347-796-3514) despite the bank check having been drawn in Arkansas.

I never deposited the check after I read the mailed letter.

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