Win support247

Jesse –

Victim Location 84041

Total money lost $600

Type of a scam Tech Support

Last year my husband purchased some tech support,that seemed to keep needing to be upgraded. After being sucked in for 600.00 dollars I called it quits. Several months past then the calls started we want to refund your money, but I need on your computer. Daily sometimes several times a day. They call every day and harass me!!!! With foul language. They want to speak to my husband because he is the one they scammed. And he has dementia and is easily persuaded. They use different phone numbers from all over. But it one man that calls me that scares me, because he knows to much info where we are. A few times I told him and a couple others he moved and I told them to call him and gave him, and gave him

the local police station number. But they always start out saying we are calling from The BBB. Except the one that calls me Daily to curse me out, he states give me XXXXX! When I say no I hear FU B. sorry This has been over a year. please help.

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