Win Win

Regina –

Victim Location 32907

Total money lost $49.36

Type of a scam Sweepstakes/Lottery/Prizes

The App I was using on my iPhone is called WinWinSave I Signed up making sure I read every piece of fine print to make sure that I was gonna be charged for anything and I also chose not to transfer any money to the app so I wouldn’t get over drafted but apparently about a few days after using the app I’d seen that I was overdrafted by $15 from the app and I messaged them through the app trying to find out why this seems too suspicious and I gave them 48hrs to respond and refund me the $15 + the $35 they’ve costed me in overdraft fees but I didn’t receive any answer nor a refund I cannot get through to them at all and I need help before I get charged another $35 overdraft fee.

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