windows – acting as

Elizabeth –

Victim Location 56379

Type of a scam Tech Support

a pop up came on my computer saying there was errors to call number..I couldn’t get if off my computer so I called number and they said they were from windows to fix problems couldn’t understand him..he said I had lots of errors and problems on my computer to fix he said he would fix for free and then wanted a cc# for security on computer….we started to give the cc# but my husband said no I don’t think so and hung up ..well he called back and said it would take 30-45 min to fix and wanted the cc#…we just hung up…so I called the number later and asked if he fixed my computer …no,,,now my computer is all F…..up and I have to take it to best buy to fix it…I asked Best Buy if he ever heard of Windows calling people ..he said no…that’s a scam

Sabrina –

Victim Location 56580

Type of a scam Tech Support

male said my windows program was sending them notifications that it was infected and to go turn on my computer now. I told him I had already talked to a lady earlier in the day about this "so called" problem. then hung up

Sheila –

Victim Location 25306

Type of a scam Counterfeit Product

The foreign individual calls claiming to be from a company called Windows 35 Technical Support. This has been going on for months. I advise the callers no one here has asked or called for assistance, nor needs it. I have asked kindly the few times to remove my phone number from the calling list. I receive a phone call or more every single day. My number is added to the NDC list, however after doing some research this is a scam call. And their phone number is registered with a company called SRT Communications INC located at 3615 N. Broadway in Minot ND 58703. I have attempted to call this company and have had not been able to reach them. This has become a nuisance and cannot tolerate these calls any longer. Please look into this and find out what type of scam they are running and put a stop to it. PLEASE

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