Windows Computer Center or Information

Cassie –

Victim Location 55594

Type of a scam Tech Support

I recieved a call from "George" stating he was from Windows Computer Useage and that my computer had been reporting to them that my system was sending errors messages. He asked me if my computer had been shutting down programs. He then told me I needed to go to my computer and sit in front of it. I started telling him this information was incorrect and that I would not let anyone take over my computer. I started asking more questions trying to fish for more information re who he was and who he was with. I asked to be taken off this call list and he told me it would not be possible unless I paid $3.00. I again told him to take me off the list and he said "no" I told him I would not sit in front of my computer nor would I do what he asked, again saying take me off your call list. I had recieved several calls in the past that I did not answer. He then got upset with me and told me "I will have you arrested right now if youdo not got to your computer" At this point I hung up and blocked the phone number. It has been the same number calling, a NY number 649-596-3325 which when you try to call it back, it has been disconnnected or not in use at this time.

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