Windows help and support

Francisco –

Victim Location 27617

Type of a scam Tech Support

"Jason" from Windows Help and Support called and said my computer was being hacked. Gave me the names of 4 people supposedly hacking my PC. Asked him for a number I could use to call him back. He gave me a badge # AB5225 and phone 509-590-2148. I hung up and called that number. "John" (who sounded just like Jason) answered. He seemed confused about the badge ID#. He got very angry when I challenged the validity of the call. Asked him not to call back and hung up. Then Stephen called (also a mid-eastern accent). Apologized for Johns behavior. Also asked to not call back and hung up. Then a called from the 877 number. She was also getting angry. Asked her not to call and hung up. Called the 877 number and was told it was a disconnected line. Got one final call 2 hours later from 206 number but did not answer.

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