Windows Help Desk

Ryan –

Victim Location 77459

Type of a scam Tech Support

While going through junk mail in hotmail account notice a facebook email that said something like this email was tagged for investigation. Red screen attached below appeared. Attempted to get out, could not. I called number 8882783142. Heard sounds of people talking in the background. Robin introduced himself, male with a possible India accent hard to understand. He told me I did have a virus and that if I did not have my computer serviced it could possibly be comprised. I gave him my name. He claim to have my serial #. He did get into my computer. He said often that he was a legitimate tech from Windows. While in computer show me on another window some foreign transaction, also asked if I banked, paid bills or shopped on my computer. Ask how many computers did I have. In my computer on another window wrote down services that Windows would provide; 3 – 5 yr. warranty ranging for 299-399. I continued to ask questions however he became rude and told me time was running out and other callers were on the line. Informed him that I was not paying the amounts. He placed another screen on my computer with warranty that looked real however I declined. Told him I need to speak with my husband. Continued to solicited for lower amount $ 100-$150. I declined and while I was talking to him about my concerns for this matter he hung up.

Bobby –

Type of a scam Tech Support

Thief has called multiple times and twice which I have answered. Claiming to be from Windows Help Desk. First call two men claiming to be from Brooklyn named Danial Young(senior supervisor) / Danial Craig. The man said I needed to renew my Network, Windows licence because its expired. Unknowingly he gained my trust and managed to remotely access my computer, where he explained I had many malware and viruses that need fixing and will cost between $199 – $800. I quickly realized what was going on and shut down my computer but not in time as he managed to lock it with a password. As a became aware that it was locked I kept calm and pleated to have him unlock my computer. I was successful, by saying I will have money for him in 3 days, in which he gave me the password which was the letter (q). I have since then changed my password on my email account. Today the man called again following up this time claiming to be from Atlanta. I told him I was aware of the scam, he began to call me names.

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