Windows I.T.

Luke –

Victim Location 93410

Type of a scam Tech Support

I had heard stories about I.T. scams so when I received a call from this number telling me they have received an error from my computer and that they would help me with a step by step process, I asked them which computer they received the error from (make, model, ID number, ect.) they said any computer would work, which was fishy. I then asked how did they receive my number and they said that when I bought the computer they received my contact information in case of emergencies. In response, I asked what store did I buy my computer. He then avoided the question and handed it to a different person who then told me they were from window’s I.T. and asked me to get on a computer to help. I then asked him how did he know I had an error at windows if I only had apple products (which was a lie) and they hung up.

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