Clinton –

Victim Location 63110

Type of a scam Phishing

This person said they had been receiving repeated error messages from my computer. They asked me to turn on my computer, log in, and they would walk me through the problems and help me fix them. When I asked them which computer, they said my "personal computer". When I told them I was not at home and could not log in at the moment, they said they would wait and hold the line for me. When I told them I would not be home to use it for awhile, they asked to schedule a time to call me back when I could log in. When I told them I did not want their help and asked them not to call me back, they said they would cancel my license if I did not participate.

Edward –

Victim Location 50111

Type of a scam Tech Support

Windows/Microsoft calling to say that your computer is vulnerable to hacking. Please follow my instructions in order to protect your computer. They then want you to Run a command prompt on your computer (I stopped here) which I believe would give them remote access to your computer and files. They all have a very thick Indian accent.

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