Windows PC care

Dana –

Victim Location 48047

Type of a scam Tech Support

These people call me at least 4 times a day saying that they are going to give me a refund for tech services. They first contacted me a year ago and scammed me out of 699.99. I did get the money back . Now a year later they are calling me and keep insisting i sign on to my computer so they can give me a refund. They say they have already taken the money out of my account. They are very insistent that they have taken my money and want me to sign on to the internet. They just want to get onto my account like they did last year. I keep telling them if you took the money out you can put it back. They just want to get into my account.i am tired of these people calling me and fear they will somehow get into my account. How do I get them to leaver me alone.

Eric –

Victim Location 28079

Total money lost $3,000

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

A foreigner called the house phone and said that they were calling to repair the issues with the computer. The said they would handle all my computer care necessities. They accessed my computer remotely and showed me that I had some "error" which I don’t believe were ever there. They then called and said I was owed a $350 refund so I said ok and gave them the information needed. They then called back and said they refunded too much money and they accidently sent $3500 and that I need to do a wire transfer to give them back the extra money. Which, I did.. Come to find out that money was taken out of my savings account. The money was transferred to some random account in POLAND and I have yet to be able to contact the guy. His name was "Bryan Wilson". I do not believe that was his real name.

Victoria –

Victim Location 48026

Type of a scam Tech Support

I was contacted by phone and the person advised me my computer was in trouble. He said he was from windows and proceeded to enter my computer. He told me he was only checking and I said I was not paying any money. He did some things to my computer and told me my hard drive was bad and he said my computer was going to crash. At this point I said I was not paying any money and would have a family member look at my computer. He then ended the conversation and I received several more calls from the same number but did not answer. I feel I should not have let him into my computer and was advised by a family member to run several scans on my computer.

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