Windows Refund department

Stephanie –

Victim Location 29831

Type of a scam Tech Support

Caller ID showed the name Kevin Smith. Person on the phone spoke with a foreign accent. They claimed I purchased maintenance services for my computer 2 years ago and was due a refund. I told them that if I was truly owed a refund put a check in the mail and to stop calling me about this. I have received multiple calls concerning this matter using different numbers.

Regina –

Victim Location 99501

Type of a scam Tech Support

I answered the phone and a man asked for me by name. He stated his name is Enrique and he was calling from the Windows refund department. He stated I was eligible for a refund of 450 dollars. He then started asking me for my SSN, DOB and other personal information. He also asked for access to my computer which I gave him as well. He got into my bank account and stated he put 5,500 in my account. That is when I started to question him. I called him a fraud and hung up on him. He started calling and texting me. I contacted the bank and found out he had transferred the money from my savings to my checking.

Rebecca –

Victim Location 36025

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Good morning.

I received a call today from (239) 300-7107, (239) 300-7109, and (239) 300-7112 at 11:18 AM, 11:28 AM, and 12:10PM. The first caller stated that he was from Windows Refund Department and that I had purchased and downloaded a computer program in 2015 that had expired and they needed to remove the files from my computer and refund my money. I questioned them about the program and they stated it was Drivers Esquire and I had paid $169.99 for this antivirus software. They wanted to gain access to my computer, but I refused and quickly got off the phone. I never purchased any type of program like that and knew that it was possibly a scam. I didn’t answer the other two calls. When I looked up the numbers, there were reported to be Magic Jack numbers and there were many similar complaints from these same numbers. I wanted to pass this information on to let others know to be cautious.

Thank you,

*** *** *** ***

Caroline –

Victim Location 92683

Type of a scam Tech Support

Purchased a malware cleaning, was later contacted by Microsoft stating I would get a refund for $395, includes addition money awarded by the company for cancelling the software protection. The caller stated that that they deposited $3399 into my account and that I needed and that the agent would lose him job unless I sent a money gram for $3000 to the following address: Adam Calhoun, Bangalore, Karnataka India. They instructed me to go Wal Mart, The agent name from Microsoft was Jack, ID: JW1593. Phone numbers given were (657)859-8963. Caller ID on my phone showed (313)458-9646. Because they had my Debit card information I closed my account the next day. I did not lose any money but the bank advised me to close my account. It was a major inconvenience and took about 10 days for everything to return to normal. They kept calling for about five days but we would not answer the phone from any number we did not recognize as they used several different numbers.

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