Windows Refund Dept

Randy –

Victim Location 73159

Type of a scam Tech Support

Received phone call on home phone where a message was left to return call because I was owned a refund due to the company (Windows). I received two calls, first call from 866-978-8560, second call from 844-386-8965. The man (strong India accent) wanted me to open up my laptop and sign in to a specific address so I could fill out a form to get my money back. I told him that I couldn’t do that, as I didn’t trust him. He then told me his name was Alex Smith and his phone number was 315-922-1829. Now did I trust him? I told him NO, that I had some checking to do on the information he gave me. He hung up without another word. Since checking out online, I know he was just wanting access to my laptop computer. He had NO LUCK, so I don’t look to hear back from them.

Cheryl –

Victim Location 96898

Type of a scam Tech Support

Consumer reported she received a call from a “James Smith” who said they are “working with BBB” to offer refunds for technical support for a company that closed down.  She wanted to check with us to see if this was true. I told her it wasn’t.  James said they are the “Windows Refund Dept.” He wanted her to sign onto her computer and let him take remote control.  She did not do this. 

I asked *** for James’ phone number.  She does not have caller ID so she asked James for his phone # but he would not give it to her.

She said previously she received calls offering services for Windows support from a “James Smith.” She did not agree to the services.  She believes the calls are related because the same name was used and because both callers had Indian accents.


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