Windows Solutions

Jessica –

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

Started with fake virus alert when attempting to upgrade maps on Garmin. Advised to click on link to remove virus. Connected with company named "RayJan Mart LLC" where they convinced me to purchase an updated virus program (3year) at cost of $359.99 US.

($493.12 Cdn). I paid via credit card. The program seemed to work as I was able to continue the Garmin map update.

A few days later, I received an unnumbered phone call telling me the company had ceased business in Canada and they (Windows Solutions) (phoney name) wanted to return my money in cash to my bank savings account. (Had to be savings) and if I would turn my computer over to their control, (and give my bank info) they would

complete the transaction from their computer. I refused.

I have heard recently from my bank that this is the old scam where they tell you they made a mistake and returned far to much money (they actually have returned none) and ask that you return the overpayment.

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