windows support/geek support live

Charlotte –

Victim Location 66106

Type of a scam Tech Support

A lady by the name of Feiza called me saying that my computer was infected by a malicious virus and walked me through the steps to pull up my event viewer. I am a computer person my self so when she tried to get me to put a www. in the run box I wrote down the letters she was giving me. Asked her for her name and what company she was calling me from while I googled windows tech support. Pulled up several articles on scams about this. She said that I was a registered windows user and offered to verify the computer info and everything to make me believe she wasnt scamming me. I asked her where her company was based out of and she stated Connecticut so I asked her why the call came from Kentucky So then I asked her to tell me what my name was since I was registered to have her call me to tell me something is wrong with my computer and she hung up on me

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