Windows Tech Advisors

Paula –

Victim Location 29501

Type of a scam Other

This phone 845-600-3439 called my home on 9-20-16 a total of 6 time through out the day, a few of the calls were males and the others were females, with a strong ascent. They told me they were from Windows Tech Advisors and if I didn’t give them the information they needed to get into my computer that they would shut my computer down, I told them no that I would not give them any information so they proceed to get nasty with me, I hung up, they called again and again, each time, telling me they would cut my computer off if I didn’t give them the information they needed. I told them they were trying to commit fraud and I didn’t have to give them anything. But they kept calling, I didn’t answer the last 3 phone calls and let it go to voicemail, I have caller Id that is how I know it was then because its the same phone number 845-600-3439 but it has no name, it just said unknown.

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