Windows technical support unit

Alexis –

Victim Location 91791

Type of a scam Credit Cards

This man claiming he was from hp and said that my computer had major malware damage and never gave me his worker id or saying that he was from hp. So I ran to my computer thinking something actually happened because I just received it from getting repaired and the guy made me out in these codes and made me download something so he can control my computer, knowing hp uses hp support to control your computer not these weird supre application. So of course I believed it than he said my computer certificate was currupted and Wanted me to pay $99 for one year $149 for 2 year and $400 for a lifetime worth of a certificate and I almost agreed until I quikly looked up the number he called from and it was not even connected with any technical support number so I said, "I won’t do this, bye." And I hung up and he called back 3 times and I ignored them but he got all my information when he was controlling my computer such as: name, email, IP address, complete access to my computer without me knowing & now I do not want to even turn my computer on knowing that someone is hacking into my computer and has my personal information.

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