Windows Technical

Jack –

Victim Location 96863

Total money lost $530

Type of a scam Tech Support

As I mentioned, I went along with these people after being advised by *** *** technicians that this Windows Technical people was legitimate. After paying these people $530.00 for anti hacking service, I felt that I was okay .. .my old computer was in operation again. I purchased a new computer in late March 2015 and after a couple of weeks, these people contacted me again and in essence, I was told that I needed to purchase another program to insure that I was safe from hacking. I paid the original $530.00 for their services with my credit card. This second time around, they preferred using PayPal, which for some reason did not work . . . thanks to PayPal for not being comfortable with this company. I finally realized that this was a possible scam, when they wanted me to let them debit my checking account . . . .I told them absolutely / no way that I will allow them to debit my checking account. They then blocked my new computer and I could not operate my new computer. I went to BestBuy and spoke to one of their "geeks" and they too felt that something was not right? I asked them to fix my computer, which they did . . . they cleaned-up my computer and I purchased a program from them to protect me from further scam problems. I am now being harassed by telephone calls from the Windows Technical people . . .I told them that I am no longer using their products and that I wanted them to stop calling me . . . they are still calling me and when I answer, nobody responds . . .when someone finally spoke to me, I told them to stop calling me because I have nothing to do with them.

I will be sending a letter to *** *** to tell them of my situation, which began with their recommendation of this company.

As I had mentioned, this email is the only document that I received!

Thanks much for looking into this matter!

Thank you very much for looking into this matter for me!

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