WinMac Solutions

Natalie –

Victim Location 10956

Type of a scam Tech Support

They called trying get me to allow them access to my computer stating I had malware and viruses on the compute.

Virginia –

Victim Location 94941

Type of a scam Phishing

Received unsolicited call from the above number. The agent, when pressed, identified that he was with "WinMac Solutions" and said they were receiving messages from my computer that indicated it was hacked. He offered to remotely access my computer to fix the problem.

When I confronted him that only Microsoft should be receiving error information from my system, he used profanity and hung up.

Manuel –

Victim Location 33309

Type of a scam Tech Support

They call you and claim there is a problem with your computer. They will download mal ware on your computer by guiding you to a web site and hold your personal information for ransom.

Lacey –

Victim Location 98292

Total money lost $500

Type of a scam Tech Support

they called me and siad viruses in my computer and forced me to pay money

Billy –

Victim Location 32254

Type of a scam Tech Support

I have been receiving harassing calls every day for the last two months from WinMac Solutions, a company claiming to be IT Tech Support for Windows. Their methods match all other reports previously made about this scam operation. They tell the person that they have received notices from their computer of malicious software and viruses. They then request to take control of your mouse/computer and show programs that are harmless and usually cleaned out daily for anyone who already has security software installed(Norton, Webroot, etc.) They then ask for credit card info after that. Many times they will themselves escalate the call by yelling, cursing, and making threats whenever you refuse their service. Every call I’ve taken from this ”company”, the representative is nearly always of Indian or similar Eastern background or ethnicity. They are very aggressive and will call everyday, multiple times a day. Luckily, I have never given this company any money, but many other individuals have fallen victim to this scam. This company needs to be shut down for unlawful business practices. A joint lawsuit should also be made to all consumers that have been attacked.

Hector –

Victim Location 32277

Total money lost $350

Type of a scam Tech Support

I received a phone call last night from this company, per the tech they had access to my computer. The caller knew sites I had visited and my passwords, I was completely shocked at the information the company was able to access about me. He stated that they could fixed my computer from being hacked and it would be $350 to fixed. I gave them the money via electronic check but later realized that I have geek squad protection.

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