Adrienne –

Victim Location 45040

Type of a scam Other

We had a message about a company we had service with wanting to give a refund. I returned call & knew immediately it was fraud. He started call with, “I’m calling you” where I interrupted to correct him that i was returning a call. I asked what the scam he was pulling. He started yelling at me & I need to listen to him. He was to connect me with finance department for them to take down information so they could send a sheet for us to fill out and send back to them for a refund of $299. I told him I’d have my husband call them back. 10 minutes later I got another call from 888-406-0362 same scam.

Karen –

Victim Location 72764

Type of a scam Tech Support

Company calls and identifies themselves as "WinMac." They inform you that they know that your computer has a virus and they can help you remove the virus. Company wants to remote into your computer/ have you download a file/give information. This request changes with each call. The company is using a cover phone number from Seattle that is someone’s personal phone. If you call that number back you receive the person’s voicemail apologizing for the calls but that a scammer has taken over his number. After speaking to this company several times and informing them that the cell phone number that they keep calling is on the "Do Not Call" registry, they continue to call. Yesterday a call was received and due to "concerns of disconnecting the call" the representative "Daniel" gave us the company’s call back number. (877-822-7770) After receiving the actual number we informed "Daniel" that we wished to be removed from their call list and did not need their services. "Daniel" proceeded to call us several profane things and hung up. We have called this number back to verify that it is a valid number and another representative of the company answered. When we informed this person to remove us from the call list, they responded with profanity and hung up. We can only assume this company uses the information in the computers they gain access to or the information provided by the victim to steal money or the person’s identity. We are a manufacturing company but it is believed that they assumed the cell number they were calling was a personal number because the cell phone is registered to our owner under his personal account.

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