Winstein Woofs!

Colin –

Victim Location 53587

Total money lost $590

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Was looking for an English Golden Retriever to train as a Service Dog. Winstein Woofs! had a special for veterans and for Autism children. I paid $240, which was suppose to include shipping. Then they asked me for another $350 for shipping. We sent a Money Gram through Walmart to a Derick Jonathan. They told us the dog would be shipped via AIM Pet Delivery and would arrive at 9:00PM. So we went to the airport and waited until 2:00am. No dog showed! The next day they said we needed to pay an insurance fee of $1,200, at which point we told them no. We have been waiting for 3 weeks since the transaction for the dog. They continue to communicate with us. Their excuse is they are waiting on a reimbursement from AIM Pet Deliveries, before they ship our dog. This is definitely a scam. If you are a veteran or have autism Do NOT purchase from these people.

Per URL, registration is <span title="PRIVATE–IYihaOYdn4zzBC5OK3ugpc-EsZfmac7TqCwgiqDOnCj0cw_VRPwkkSoU3DJ8pFqXx76oulrDnThuMtvXqAfblluhQV6C1V_w6iwQ36ZnWBTl5YDIl7xjYB6JDn3OiEEit8QEAFFU8hE98rVCTen278Z6C9XChoUl_O4rvDekCHQGHW4d1cwlF5xPJ-Ch1NnS_6bMaye7yCuR5URDjzi4yXDdfWMIsaMrfrLtUjS9kXnVIJYKu9CvoF7-2Vllj_r6UpWH6daaN8FMR7L50xbTesIb_k6wdyiaKBJMNc4EeQoQlR41xhsVXt5FzEg&
and WEBSITE was JUST CREATED 1/11/17

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