Winters International

George –

Victim Location 59327

Type of a scam Sweepstakes/Lottery/Prizes

The first individual identified his self as Richard and was representing Publishers clearing House. He asked me to get paper and pen to wright information down. He gave a ID # then a reference # then a conformation number. I was repeating the numbers as he gave them to me. I repeated the conformation number back incorrect and he did not correct me. When I pointed this out he could not repeat the number. After discussion back and forth he asked me if I thought this was a Joke, I responded that I thought it was a scam. He hung up. Two hours later an individual claiming to be from winters international call and identified himself as James Williams. I played along with James to find out that I had won 1.5 million and a car. I needed to come up with money for the car to be delivered, 450.00. I informed James I would have trouble getting that much money and that I could probably only get 200.00. James gave me a number to call once I got the money. While this was going on I received a text from my phone provider about over seas calling. James has continued to call me back many times 20+ to see how I’m doing on the money. I keep dragging him along. He has asked for no personal information, and I have given him no information. I have not called the second number and have reported both to my local sheriff office. I will continue to drag this out with the person to waste as much of his time as possible.

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