wisepool.com and IGM Financial, Inc.

Alana –

Victim Location 49224

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

I did not pursue the interview after my research indicated this was a scam, but what others indicate is that they solicit bank information or provide a "check" to deposit in your bank account to purchase software necessary to perform the job. I have copied the content of the email below. They seem to be preying upon people who have active resumes with sites like Indeed.com or state UIA Talent Banks (such as MITalent/Michigan Works). I do not believe that either wisepool.com or IGM Financial are involved in the scam. Both appear to be legitimate businesses.

[email protected]

8:34 AM (1 hour ago)


Dear Potential Candidate

Your resume has been successfully reviewed and approved by the HR department and we believe you are qualified for the following positions:

1: Customer Service

2: Receptionist

3: Data Entry

4: Administrative Assistant

5: Call Center Rep

6: IT Management

I believe you would be interested in getting more information about the location and duties, so an Online Interview via Google Hangouts with the hiring manager Mr Kevin Regan has been setup for you.

To proceed Please contact Him via Google hangout at [email protected]

If you don’t have a Gmail ID, you are required to set up a Gmail account via www.mail.google.com

Also if you don’t have google hangouts you may install one via www.google.com/hangouts/

Once you install google hangouts search for him "using his email": [email protected]

Once you find his name click on it and start a conversation.

This is your interview verification code: CSR-739, send this code to the HR Manager as soon as you two get connected on Google Hangouts.

If you have any questions on how to go about the process kindly send an email to the HR Manager: [email protected]

A timely response is appreciated.

Regards, From the Human Resources Dept.

IGM Financial Inc…

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