Billy –

Victim Location 24073

Total money lost $2,500

Type of a scam Fake Invoice/Supplier Bill

Wix.com LTD is a complete scam. Sure the services provided may work. but "DO NOT" give them your debit or credit card number..ever! I set up a couple different accounts with them for my clients and used my debit card for the funding. I signed up for a monthly plan and they have managed to charge me every week for the same items over and over. The total i should owe each month is maybe $100 for the 4 websites I have live. They charge me more like $400 and do it every single week, sometimes multiple times in a day. They act like its their card and their money. Well I am filing a civil complaint and also attempting to sue wix. any help would be greatly appreciated. I have proof of all "illegal" transactions and will be taking this to court immediately. You cannot cancel your card with them ever. You have to get a brand new card that they cannot access in order to escape their fraud process. Also the scariest thing is, the transactions never even show what you are paying for. Just says wix and CA or NY, they bill at weird hours of the night and for random amounts. (would only let me add one pic below, I have way more transactions they stole off my card just in that month and already starting this month too.)

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