wizard tech support

Bryan –

Victim Location 17101

Type of a scam Tech Support

i have a recording of this entire transaction stating that I was told i was working with my usual technician (who i spoke to today) which i wasnt, they lied to me and told me that i was purchasing a security software program (which it wasnt, it was an optimizer and cleaner) that i needed because i didnt have security . i have 2 anti virus spyware adware and malware programs, I EVEN HAVE THE PROGRAM THEY WERE TRYING TO SELL ME, ON THE COMPUTER. They told me it was good for a lifetime so i asked if the program would last 10 years and they said yes, which is a lie since the program "PC-MED" is only offered in a 1 year or 5 year. I also caught them lying so bad that they had to put me on mute and transfer me to 4 people….in the end they voided the transaction they thought i was on mute at the end but i wasn’t and i blatantly heard them disrespected me by saying "this old man with a sob story and no money in his account wants his "***" money back. Both receipts are do not have their real address since they said they are in boca raton. (which i have confirmation from a discreet source that it is true"

They also have muiltple websites in different names.

wizard tech support

secure it digital solutions

us tech solutions


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