Wizards of the Coast

Rachel –

Total money lost $90

Type of a scam Online Purchase

So sometime again I decided to purchase an Arclight Phoenix. Didn’t get it, so asked for a refund. The staff responsible for that told me that they would not refund me, so I escalated the case. Paypal asked WOTC for information, which apparently they did not provide, knowing clearly that they were in the wrong. And so I got my money back.

Flash forward to yesterday, and in a moment of spite they terminated my Arena account. I was quite anxious about this all day and I repeatedly asked the staff as to the reasons behind said termination, which they deliberately answered as slowly and obtusely as possible. Finally, after I’ve informed them of my health problems, they decided that they would not reinstate my account unless I paid them my refunds back.

Anyways, I gave them a warning that, due to my health problems being enhanced by my anxiety, that I am well in my rights to sue their [censored]. Predictably, they are also twelve year olds and are goading me to do it.

Paypall stood my my side TWICE in this. WOTC knows what it is doing is highly ilelgal.

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