WK Co.

Rosa –

Victim Location 66103

Type of a scam Employment

I was contacted via email to be a "logistics manager" through this WK co. Based in Czech but with supposedly multiple main head quarters scattered across the map, I thought the pay was a good amount, A contract of base pay 2200 a month with 25$ comission with each package I got sent out. I had to submit a ID picture to HR department to confirm I am who I am. I signed the documents then a couple days later I was receiving packages which I was suppsed to check for damage then resend out through fedex. I thought it was simple enough until I ran into complications when I had questions and began calling my "local" supervisor when the number failed to dial I tried the others and to no avail was left dumbfounded when all the provided numbers were disconnected. They called due to package info the next day, I brushed it off now here I was 31 days after starting and my paycheck was no where to be found, After reaching out about it due to having a family and bills i was trying to get taken care of one was there to answer. I did some research and came across absolutely nothing about this "company". I did however see articles about job offers similar to this that were fake companies using stolen info to buy and resend stolen products to and from whoever, Assuring unsuspecting people looking for asy work from home that theyre legit and I feel this is the case here.

Ricardo –

Victim Location 38128

Type of a scam Employment

I put out my resume online at indeed.com and the company contacted by email last week. The job entailed repackaging and resending packages to various people/businesses. Today I received a phone call by a woman who asked if I needed any information/questions about the job. It was working from home. She said there was a salary of $*** per month. I signed a contract on their website (I can’t remember what it was). I decided not to go thru with it because I was skeptical about the work/company.

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