Michelle –

Victim Location 92656

Total money lost $3,600

Type of a scam Employment

I found this job on Indeed.com. I sent my resume off and I went thru their hiring process online and was hired. I was offered a job as a logistics manager. The job entailed receiving packages and routing them to another location. I would login into my dashboard, mark packages received and wait for them to send me another label. Once that happened, I would print out new label and send off. I worked on a trial basis for the first month with incentives and bonuses. After that first month, they would bump up my pay and make the position permanent. Unfortunately, that first month’s pay never came. They have completely locked me out of their system. And according to their ticker, I was their best manager and had an additional $500 bonus coming. I would like for you to look into company and prevent them doing this to someone else. Below are links to their site and additional documents:




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