Wm. “Bill” Perry – lawyer

Derek –

Victim Location 90631

Type of a scam Family/Friend Emergency

My wife and I got a phone call at ca. 9am on Friday, Sept 29. the person on the line claimed to be our granddaughter who is attending college up north. she said she was doing something foolish …. got into a driving accident while ‘texting’ … spent the night in jail. At that point, she turned us over to her lawyer, ….. Mr. William ‘Bill’ Perry – Baker & McKinsey Law Firm {bay area …. supposedly}/ He proceeds to tell us that the person she ‘hit’ was in a rental car and had neglected to take out ‘insurance’ ……. he is willing to ‘drop all charges – loss of license, reckless endangerment, etc. if she {granddaughter} will pay to get his car out of impounds. It will cost ONLY $3000 instead of the usual $5000. We are to go to Target and get 2/$1500 gift cards and give him {the lawyer} the numbers on the cards and he will apply that to her fine. Oh, and we will get our money back next Tuesday!!!!!

We hung up the phone and proceeded to get the credit cards.

Had trouble getting the cards. GOD was certainly working with us, here!!!!!

We called back at the above number and told them that before we transferred the money …. we would like to speak to our granddaughter again.

We were told that she is in a holding tank and is waiting her turn to use the phone.

No call.

Finally, my wife decided to call our granddaughter on ‘her’ cell phone. Our granddaughter called back within the half-hour and wondered what was ‘it’ all about …. "grandma sounded worried."

Come to find out …… our granddaughter had been in class all day …….. didn’t have a bad cold like the original caller said …………. Everything worked out OK.

We did not lose any $$$$$. And by the way, ….. we now have a list of questions to ask the ‘caller’ …… questions that only our granddaughter would be able to answer.

Thank You ScamPulse.com for your website and vital information.

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