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Rose –

Victim Location 57703

Type of a scam Debt Collections

Individual called my mother and husband stating there was "paperwork needing to be delivered to the property address on file." Called number provided and gave case number, immediately met with "well you are going to be sued with a civil suit, do you know what for?" Individuals were extremely aggressive, especially when asking for details regarding supposed suit. They stated they had mailed paperwork to a prior address of mine 2 weeks prior, but wouldn’t resend anything as it was "my fault for not updating my address" which I had but mail only forwards for a year. They refused to provide me any information except for a settlement letter, from a debt over 9 years old. They told me I could "check my credit report" if I didn’t believe them. I did check it, and there was actually nothing on there anymore, but looking back at a copy I had from 2013 there was a similar company but the account numbers and amount owed were different. The settlement letter the emailed me had an address on it which I looked up, and is registered to a "Mailbox IT." A phone number search doesn’t provide anything except links to threads where it is described by others as a "phony number." After looking online this has happened to several people. Thankfully my banks fraud department caught it in time.

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