Wolf Haven: Spirits of the Past

Cory –

Victim Location 75474

Total money lost $300

Type of a scam Online Purchase

This woman, Katie Newton, sold me and my wife a couple of supposed "wolves", full-blooded, from Sierra Blanca, Texas in July of 2015. I am an avid wolf lover and my wife thought this was an awesome idea to have them. Katie said that the pair (7 month old animals at the time) was inseparable. We took them on the assumption that what she told us was true. We paid $300 for the deposit and agreed to payments to total $1500, because she felt sympathy for me. I am a military veteran, who recently lost my dog of 5 years. We live in West Tawakoni, which is about 10 hours away from her establishment. We have had recent issues with them getting pregnant from neighborhood dogs, has 2 litters, and the pups have been killing cats around our neighborhood. One of the pups have been poisoned and it had to be put down. They are all in an animal rescue right now and being taken care of. The rescue did a DNA test on one of them, and it shows that she isn’t a full-blooded wolf.

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