Wolf Trail Products

Brad –

Victim Location 33710

Total money lost $119.99

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Add says that this has been endorsed by many women celebrities including Oprah. It offers free trial samples for $4.99 postage for each item you order. Evidently if you don’t read the wording of the ad carefully you will find out that you must call almost immediately after you get the product to tell them whether or not you want to keep it. If you do not they set you up for a monthly $119 and 99 cent if you order two products. I guess it’s half of that if you only order one product. If you are not interested in getting into this large amount deducted monthly for just an ordinary cream that doesn’t do anything then they say that you can return it for a refund I did do that and never got my refund. When you call them back to ask where it is they tell you to give them the receipt for tracking number of the package when you returned it. Of course if you don’t have that you’re not getting anything back. The product is nothing more than anything you could get at the drugstore and certainly not worth that large amount of money being taken out monthly. Read your ad very carefully before ever doing anything like this I know I will

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