Women’s Cancer Charity Spoof

Miranda –

Victim Location 60120

Type of a scam Phishing

When I answered the call, she said Teresa? I said No, who’s calling? Then she said she’d call back later and hung up. (I figured it was the scam where she was trying to get me to say “yes”). I googled the phone number 217-281-0264 and found out there are a lot of people getting this call.

This spoofed number claims to be from the Women’s Cancer Charity using Illinois area codes to try to steal credit card info. Numbers used so far 773-341-1331 (Chicago, IL), 630-332-9840 (Plano, IL); 630-332-8098 (Plano, IL); 630-780-1131 (Naperville, IL); 217-281-0264 (Champaign, IL).

DO NOT answer calls you do not know AND don’t call these numbers back. Obviously, I had to answer it as it was an EPD phone, so therefore I did call the number back from the EPD phone line. They answer Women’s Cancer Fund, push 1 for more info; 2 to be removed; 3 to donate and 4 for the status of your gift.

THEY are NOT registered on a legitimate Charity Website. AND charities don’t call you from 5 different phone numbers. You can always check out legit charities at these websites.

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