womens cancer fund

Brandy –

Victim Location 53115

Type of a scam Charity

The person called me by name and I said yes. Realizing instantly I made a mistake. When she started talking I hung up. I normally don’t answer unknown numbers but was waiting for a Doctors call. Is this a scam?

Jeffrey –

Victim Location 14625

Type of a scam Charity

Female caller purported from Womens’ Cancer Fund. Said had hard time reaching me but calling on important matter. Starting this year’s fund drive and looking for me to make donation [again?] and getting ready to send out cards. Should they send a $30 or $50 pledge card? Thought for moment, then said $30. Female caller said thanks very much for support – now being turned over to [don’t remember term] to verify information. Couple of seconds later what sounded like a recorded voice of a female began talking – at that point I hung up. Got concerned and checked internet and came across this group’s name reported to ScamPulse.com in other locales. Caller had my first name, but house line is listed. Did not give her any bank or credit card info. Phone # listed is per Caller ID display on my home phone.

Lindsey –

Victim Location 90404

Type of a scam Charity

unuusally long pause then speaking first name of recipient as in a question form. seems to want recipient to say "yes" which is why i think it is a scam.

horribly sickening fake smile voice of european-american womanin her late 30s to 60s. possibly a midwestern tone.

semi or fully automated message then plays her obnoxious message about charity.

Pedro –

Victim Location 61201

Type of a scam Charity

Recording sounded like a live person, they asked if they were speaking to (stated my first name) to which I replied "Yes." At which point I realized my mistake and did not say another word and just listened. The line went dead. I tried calling back to confirm if the organization was legitimate, but only got recorded greetings.

Micah –

Victim Location 98531

Type of a scam Charity

When they called they said "Brenda"? I said "Yes"………. then a recording started and I hung up. This just happened so I am not aware if there will be a loss of any kind or not.

I think think this is one of those calls to get a person to say "Yes"

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