Wood Monkey

Levi –

Victim Location 60174

Type of a scam Home Improvement

I met Dave and what I think was his father in early November. He was going to build me a table chairs and a bench. I have the same story as the other reviews on here. Dave seemed like a nice guy, we went out to his shop, and he showed me another table he was working on. We had to pay up front through PayPal, which I didn’t like doing, but Dave insisted because he said he had been burned in the past. I paid him in full with a promised delivery date of December 17th or sooner. Well that date came and went. I asked repeatedly for pictures. There was always an excuse why he couldn’t send me pictures. He did however send me pictures of other tables that were not mine, should have been another clue that this guy was a scam. On December 23rd he was suppose to deliver my table in the morning. He texted me at 2pm saying due to the rain he would not be brining the table out he would come on Christmas Eve first thing. Christmas Eve comes and goes no word from Dave after I had informed him that I was hosting both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. We had moved our table out of the house twice now, and thankfully I did not get rid of my old table. Dave e mailed me on Dec 26th saying he was sorry and he was out with the flu and would deliver the table on January 2nd and would give me a refund until he delivered. I said great give me the refund….No such luck…. Well January 2nd came and went without a table, Dave was still sick. I now went to PayPal and opened up a dispute. Dave told me he would deliver the table on January 8th between 1 and 3, again no word from Dave on January 8th after I called him and texted several times. On the morning of January 9th I texted him informing I would be contacting the police, only at that time did he reply. I never did get a refund from Dave, I had to get it from PayPal luckily I did get the refund. I am now having a table built but another company that informed me they have heard of Dave and his scams and he has done this in the past. AVOID THIS GUY, unless you want months of lies, headaches and stress. I also think that this is not a legit place and a front for something else. BEWARE!

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