workers compensation appeal board grant

Latasha –

Victim Location 77845

Type of a scam Government Grant

Accepted a Facebook invite from a known friend. Included his picture in the invitation. Once I confirmed, I got a text message: Have you heard about the workers compensation appeal board grant have you been contacted yet? They are helping the old, retired, non-retired and workers with cash nowadays to help eradicate poverty and increase the standard of living. They helped me with $80,000.00 an on signing the documents with them i saw your name also on their Winners list so I wonder if they contacted you yet?

I responded not at all.

Next facebook text message was: I will advice you to contact the Claiming Agent in charge through their private page and ask if you name is still among the winners list…do you know how to do that or I should provide you their contact info ???

I responded that I knew this was a hack and was reporting to BBB.

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